Evacuation Center Assessment

In response to the DPWH Memorandum on the Reiteration of Relevant Rules and Laws in the Identification of High Hazard Areas and No-Build Zones, the UP NOAH Center is now providing a new service to assist Filipinos across the country with their disaster preparedness plans.

Included in the service are the following:

1. Flood hazard map printed on A0 Tarpaulin

2. Landslide hazard map printed on A0 Tarpaulin

3. Combined multi-hazard map with “safest areas” for siting evacuation centers

4. For coastal regions, we will include a Storm Surge hazard map printed on A0 Tarpaulin

5. Evacuation Route Analysis

6. USB flash drive containing digital files for the maps

7. Document on how to use the maps and other notes including actions to be taken and limitations of methodologies used

We require a processing and analysis fee of PhP 10,000 for one barangay.
To request a map for your barangay or to learn more about our service, please email us
[email protected].

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